Friday, May 28, 2010

A simple gesture

Have thank you cards and notes become a thing of the past?

And I mean cards and letters written on paper using ink in an envelope with a street address and a stamp on the front. No emails!

While the idea of a thank you card or letter might bring to mind a bygone era, I think it is a ritual we need to hold on to. I believe it is important to tell the people we care about when we appreciate their kind thoughts and actions.

I have a handful of thank you cards sitting on my coffee table waiting for me to compose and mail to my loved ones. Looking at them made me wonder am I alone in sending thank you cards to friends and family members that I wish to express my gratitude to?

My sister often asks me how I manage to find the time to pen a thank you letter, affix a stamp and drop it in the post box. I’m sure she is not alone in wondering this.

But I firmly believe that when someone takes the time or effort to make your life a little nicer or show you a little kindness, surely it is a simple way to express thanks and remind us of a simpler time. How lovely is it to receive a hand written envelope in the mail, something so very rare these days in amongst the bills and catalogues?

Here’s a suggestion - think of a good deed someone has done you recently and drop them a letter simply to say thank you.

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