Monday, December 6, 2010

A little bit of Christmas spirit

Yep, it's that time of year again. The calendar has flicked over from November to December and Christmas Day is 19 sleeps away (according to the cute little app on my iPhone).

I'm a big fan of Christmas. I admit to groaning when I see the Christmas stock in October, but once December has arrived I get into the spirit of family, cards, decorations and the fun of the season.

Right now I'm writing my Christmas cards and thinking of those dear to me - my family and friends. Some may be wondering why I send Christmas cards in these modern times of emails, facebook and twitter. But to me, receiving a Christmas card in the mail is a wonderful feeling. I love receiving Christmas mail. Beats the usual mail box contents of bills and flyers. Someone special has gone to the effort to purchase a card, write on it, pop it in an envelope, lick the envelope, pop a stamp on it and place it in a post box. There's a whole lot of love and commitment in those steps.

I'm more than halfway through writing my Christmas cards and so I hope my family and friends get as much joy out of receiving my cards as I do in sending them.

Am I alone in continuing the tradition of sending Christmas cards in the mail? Let me know.

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