Saturday, April 30, 2011

A wedding fit for a princess

Wow, wow and wow! A prince, a stunning dress, glamourous guests, pomp and ceremony, cheering crowds and most importantly, a couple in love. Whatever you may think about the pomp and ceremony, it's impossible to deny the true love and friendship that exists between William and Kate, now referred to as Catherine. Hopefully their wedding is just the beginning of plenty of love and happiness.

I was one of the billions worldwide counting down to the royal wedding. I started watching the coverage from 4pm and loved every minute of it. As the minutes ticked over and the time neared for Catherine to leave the Goring Hotel I was nervous and didn't want to miss a minute. From 7.42pm (Australian time) through to 7.51pm I went to the bathroom three times. Luckily I wasn't marrying the prince.
Firstly, the dress. Isn't that what we were all waiting to see? Catherine's dress was just breathtaking. So classic, elegant and just perfect for the occasion. No doubt Catherine like most brides to be had thought about what her wedding dress might look like one day, keeping clippings for inspiration and considering the styles and fabrics that best suit her. Like most women she would have been inspired by the dresses of princesses, throughout history and more recently. I know I was when I was choosing a design for my wedding dress.

Some people have criticised her for being too traditional and reserved and not making a bold fashion statement and for copying Princess Grace. Seriously? Catherine wore a breathtaking wedding dress and she looked just perfect - an elegant modern princess. She got it just right.

The kiss. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying I would have liked a longer kiss and embrace. But the kiss we got was pretty good and don't forget there were two kisses. Those minutes spent away from the cameras signing the wedding register would have been an opportunity for them to share a much more intimate kiss away from the billions watching. I know I would feel more than a little nervous sharing a kiss with my husband in front of billions.

Diana, it's impossible to talk about this wedding without thinking of her. I'm not old enough to have memories of Charles and Diana's wedding, to be honest, I wasn't even born. However, growing up I was in awe of Diana and I clearly remember where I was when she died. It was impossible not to think of Diana while watching the wedding. How proud she would have been to watch both of her precious boys in their uniforms and to watch William marry a woman he clearly loves and adores. I couldn't help but wonder what outfit Diana might have chosen for such a special day.

Best and worst dressed - there are quite a few for both lists but I want to make mention of a couple. Carol Middleton was just perfect. A beautiful outfit, a few nerves and obvious pride, she nailed it as mother of the bride. Pippa Middleton - what is there left to say? Everything's already been said. She was gorgeous and almost as stunning as the bride, almost. And finally, I'm going to disagree with the majority and say I liked Princess Beatrice's outfit. The hat was definitely unusual but I liked it. Good on her for being bold and taking a risk!

Well, there it is. The royal wedding has gone off without a hitch. It's definitely one for the history books and an event billions will never forget. Congratulations to the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, may your marriage be filled with love and happiness. And thank you for sharing your beautiful day with us.We loved every moment.

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