Sunday, June 2, 2013

Where oh where did the last two years go?

Well it's been just over two years since my last blog post (three days over to be precise). And all I can say is life got in the way, oh and a precious little addition to our family, who will be known from here on in as Miss S.

Hmm, a quick update. Since May 2011, my hubby and I have become parents to a precious baby girl, who shocked us all with her super early arrival at 26 weeks and 1 day. She was so early we hadn't even had a chance to attend our pre natal classes. So after 12 long weeks in neonatal intensive care in two hospitals, long days of commuting, expressing breast milk, sitting beside her humidicrib and cot in hospital and trying to maintain a home while getting my head around this new and amazing role of a lifetime, we were finally able to bring our precious little bundle home. 

Since then, life has been hectic and challenging and tiring, but would I change a thing? Not a chance. 

I have been fortunate to have a full year, including 12 weeks of hospital visits, at home with Miss S and completely enjoying the stay at home mum experience. I have only just returned to part time work, a balance of in the office and working from home. So with life a tiny bit under control and a lot of inspiration from fellow mums who are bloggers, it's now time for me to re-enter the blogging and writing environment and share a bit of my world. 

Looking back on my previous posts, things seemed perfect. And I am definitely blessed, but there are times, like all of us, when my kitchen is in desperate need of a clean, I haven't called my best friend, my to do lists are getting longer, the washing is piling up and my little one is eating baby food out of a jar instead of home cooked purees. So I'm going to be a little more real and a little less perfect, just like me I guess!

If you've been here before and are returning, thank you!! I hope you find it worth your return. 

And if you're new to my blog, I hope you enjoy reading a little about my life and engaging with me. 

Comments, thoughts, ideas and general chat all very welcome.


  1. Welcome back to blogging land - looking forward to sharing a little of your world :)

    1. Thanks food for little souls. It's great to be back in blogging land!


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