Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pint sized fashion

One of my purchases for
Miss S from Ollie's Place
Confession time - I love to shop. It's in my DNA and I find shopping quite relaxing and therapeutic, unless I have to buy something for an event or occasion and then it's all kinds of stressful.

So pre mummy days, I used to spend quite a bit of my time and hard earned money shopping. Usually to fill my ever bulging wardrobe. My husband was and is always astonished when I open my wardrobe to get dressed and exclaim 'I have nothing to wear'. So when Miss S arrived, I was on maternity leave and our household budget was significantly reduced, I think he remained ever hopeful that my shopping days were over or would drop to an absolute minimum and needs basis only.

But, as many mums do, I discovered online shopping was a much more appealing option than bundling a newborn into the car, packing bags of baby food, nappies, bottles, clothes, blankets, toys and all other manner of baby paraphernalia into the car, unloading it into a pram and then dragging it all around a shopping centre while attempting to squeeze into a change room with it all. 

So the lovely Australia Post delivery lady and I became great friends. Luckily my hubby as at work when all of my purchases arrived and his only clue was the credit card bill. That is, until he was home from work one day and three purchases arrived at once. Yep, what are the odds? Oops! 

Anyway, now that I'm a mum to a little girl, I find myself buying more and more pieces of clothing for Miss S. It's sad to say but I really do think she has a better wardrobe than me, definitely more on trend. 

We were recently at the Brisbane DFO and I came away with four shopping bags - three of them for Miss S (including this super cute hoodie from Ollie's Place) and one for me and yes mine was the cheapest! Poor hubby didn't even get a look in. 

Has anyone else experienced this change in shopping habits? Is this what the next 15 years or so will be? Or will I eventually be able to go shopping without wandering through the kids and baby section? 


  1. So true Katie! I do the same, it's alot easier and I find more fun to buy for the kids :) does this ever change??? Well my eldest ,Chelsea is 5 and no change so far, I think it becomes a bit of habit to buy for them and maybe a bit of mummy guilt when you buy somethinghint for yourself ;)
    Enjoy it! They don't stay little for long xo - Suzie.M.

    1. You're right Suzie about it being more fun to buy for the kids. There's no agonising over sizes and the price of most children's clothes makes it a lot easier to 'just pick up a couple of things'. And so true about them not staying little for long. Although my little girl was premature so she's been little for a lot longer than most :-)


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