Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What gets your blood pumping?

Exercise is something we all know we should do, it makes us feel good, has obvious health benefits and provides a sense of achievement when completed. But the challenge for me is finding something that is a good use of my time, is enjoyable to do, affordable and fits into my busy schedule.

I can have a short attention span when it comes to exercise and my husband likes to remind me I'm not the most coordinated person he's met (he's one of those annoying people who is good at whatever sport he tries - yet to test him on the ski slopes, but I'm just biding my time). So for me, I like an exercise outlet that is not high pressure and doesn't involve mirrors (generally found at exercise classes at gyms) as I don't need reminding about my coordination skills, or lack of. 

Pilates - for more than 10 years I've been a fan of pilates, on and off, starting with classes (yes at above mentioned gym with mirrors - kinda ok because Pilates doesn't require you to move in time to music - possibly my undoing) before moving onto DVDs at home. I'm a huge fan of Pilates because not only does it give your muscles a solid workout and help you achieve a lean physique but it has enormous benefits for your back. It builds on your core which is pretty much what keeps us upright and keeps it strong, protecting one of the most valuable parts of our body (and after watching my dad and his siblings struggle with back problems I know how debilitating back problems can be). It's also not a workout that leaves you completely exhausted and sweaty. I can't remember a time I did a Pilates session and didn't feel good. 

Yoga - I'm so lucky to have discovered the best yoga teacher and she lives just a few minutes away. Super handy for classes on a chilly winters night. Prior to actually doing yoga I always thought it was more meditation and breathing than anything else. But since taking up and practicing yoga, I've become a convert and always feel like I've worked hard after a class, with a little bit of relaxation and quiet time thrown in. I haven't really embraced yoga DVDs, mainly because I'm so attached to my yoga teacher. I have recently downloaded a yoga app on my iPhone as something I can do between classes but haven't had a chance to fully explore it yet. 

Walking - a great exercise option with a pram. I enjoy walking with a pram (sometimes get a bit nervous about dogs who like to wander the neighbourhood due to irresponsible owners but that's another story) and it's even more enjoyable when I can walk with some of the gorgeous mums in my mothers grop. Walking and chatting, followed by a hot chocolate = perfect way to start the day! 

Personal training - I have succumbed to the odd personal training session with workmates. They can be a great way to get some good tips for exercise and a source of motivation. It's a lot harder to cancel on a trainer and put your exercise off. I also work in an area with views of Sydney Harbour so it's not a bad place to exercise, as long as you focus on the gorgeous views and don't take too much notice of all the beautiful people in their exercise gear. Just be aware you may be in agony in the days following a session and it's often muscles you didn't even know you had. 

Now I mentioned my dislike of exercise that requires me to move in time to music especially in a group setting. A friend of mine has just thrown a spanner in those works by suggesting Zumba classes. Now I've done Zumba in the safety of my own home and it was fun. The thought of doing it in front of other people is a little daunting but heading out to an exercise class with some friends, music, lots of laughter and calling it exercise sounds incredibly appealing. Hmm, I may just end up at that Zumba class! Stay tuned...

Over to you, what's your favourite type of exercise and is there any type of exercise that fills you with fear?


  1. Trust me, if I (Miss Certified most unco person on the planet) can do a public Zumba class so can you. :)

    1. I could probably give you a run for title of most unco person on the planet, but if you successfully made it through a zumba class then you're inspiration that I can do it to. I will get there one of these days, get my blood pumping and lots of laughter.


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