Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What's your battle plan?

I've spent the night watching the events in Canberra unfold on tv and social media and I didn't know if this post would make it online tonight. But I've had enough of all the drama and so my latest post about the June toy sales feels a world away from political life (and my previous life as a political staffer) and I couldn't be happier about it. 

So 18 months ago, toy sales and laybying for Christmas in June were a whole other world and one I certainly wasn't part of. I like to think of myself as a veteran shopper with plenty of experience under my belt and a well honed ability to sniff out a good bargain. But toy sales, well I didn't know much at all.

So I received a hurried introduction in June last year and even managed to frighten myself at how I jumped straight in without my usual research and planning. Last June my little girl was still in hospital after arriving prematurely and toys were the last thing on my mind. My sister who was a new mum of two months had clearly done her research and she was all over the toy sales and what June meant in a parent's calendar. Had I missed that memo?

She gave me a briefing, made some useful suggestions and sent me off to Westfield clutching a shopping list in one hand, my smart phone in the other and my credit card warming up in my handbag. Now it's important to know that I had a very small window to do this shop. I was days away from bringing our little girl home from hospital and spending most of each day at the hospital as we worked at breast feeding. So after spending almost an hour trying to and then feeding Miss S, I had a 90 min window to get to the shopping centre, grab a bite to eat, shop and then get back to the hospital and find a park, all in time to feed Miss S again. 

So I hooned around Target throwing toys in the trolley, pulling them back out, checking my list and throwing them back in, all while trying to think of all the little people I needed to buy for - Miss S, my one and only precious nephew and my beautiful god daughter (wo was three at the time), quickly assessing the bargains on offer and calculating the dollars saved by buying items on sale (always a necessary piece of data to offer to my hubby when justifying a larger than planned spend). 

I screeched into the layby section, watched the numbers tick over, had a mini freak out but then reminded myself all of my purchases were put away and I wouldn't need to think about them for a good couple of months. I had probably bought too much, but I could deal with that later. Ahhh, time to breathe. And hey I deserved a little pat on my back for ticking that toy sale box. 

So June has rolled around again and I still find myself not at all organised to do the big shop and layby. My sister has her list ready and is after ideas for Miss S. It doesn't help that Miss S and my nephew are in that in between age of 12 months plus where they're a bit too old for baby toys but are a bit too young for a lot of toys that are 3+. Maybe I should just pick out a toybox to hold all of these purchases?

is it just me or is anyone else totally unprepared for the June toy sales? Any strategies on how best to tackle them from some battle weary veterans and experts? 


  1. Think about things she loves !!
    One decent pressie from you and one decent pressie from Santa and a Santa sack full of little non expensive ($2--$10) items so it's all very exciting
    This year I am buying my 1 yr boy & 2 yr girl a train table to share from Santa and a little tikes outdoor car for each of them !
    You need to remember they will get pressies from cousins and grandparents so they end up with too much stuff and you have to find a spot to put it all!!
    It feels a bit sad on the day but at least you know they will use the practical things !!
    The fun is in the Santa sack !!!

    1. Thanks for sharing some great tips Grace. I especially love the idea of the Santa sack full of little non expensive items. We'll get lots of mileage out of that one. And so right, after all the presents have been opened, I then have to find somewhere to put them all :-)

  2. I am not nearly crazy enough to go to the toy sales. Without realising it was toy sale time I took the twins to the movies at Miranda yesterday.....Good God, it was worse that Christmas time. Parking was horrendous, I ended up giving up circling and paid for security parking. Didn't venture any where near Target but I heard that it was absolute mayhem in there.

    1. Are you calling me crazy hezwill?? LOL I have considered doing it online but I want to be able to see the toys and have a play. And it sounds like so do hundreds of other parents :-) Wish me luck!

  3. Hehehe, good luck (you crazy person) ;) I think yesterday was the first day though so extra busy, should be calmed down a bit by now. Just get your shoulder barge ready.


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