Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Interacting with the rest of the world - not always a good thing

I’m lucky enough to catch public transport every day to get to work. I know I’m doing my little bit (hopefully) for the environment and possibly my sanity (well that’s what I tell myself) by catching the train to work every day. I’m lucky enough to commute with my hubby most of the time, so it’s a few extra hours together each week.

But there are days when people on public transport just amaze me. I’ll explain.

I grew up in a household where manners and respect were drilled into me, sometimes frustratingly so. My dad was always at my sister and I about our manners; especially please and thank you and our table manners. Mum was always really strict about respecting others and being polite. Looking back, I am grateful that they instilled this in my sister and I, because it’s given us such a good grounding and I think we’re both very polite and respectful people.

But not everyone that we come across in life is like this. And I admit it drives me crazy.

A few examples of a trip to work on public transport. We catch the train at 6.40am and it’s generally pretty full of people who travel even further to work then us, and they use the time to sleep, understandably. One of my pet hates is iPods at ridiculous volumes. I really don’t want to hear Backstreet Boys at 7am or any of your other crappy music. On top of that, you’re probably going to need a hearing aid in about 20 years if you don’t already. I’m hoping my taxes don’t have to pay for that.

Another one is eating food on the train, particularly smelly food at an early hour. We don’t all need to experience a pork roll on our way to work.

Or my hubby had one just recently – clipping your nails on the train. And clipping is much worse than cutting because you get that annoying noise as the nail is clipped and who knows where it ends up after being flung around by the clipper. Seriously? Shouldn’t that be saved for the privacy of your bathroom. Another one of my hubby’s experiences – sitting opposite a person who not only picked their nose while staring at my hubby but then proceeded to munch on it. Eww! And another one who just proceeded to fart all the way to work. My hubby has all the good experiences, doesn’t he?

I know there are wonderful, considerate, respectful people in the world but some days it feels like all the inconsiderate and rude morons are out to make life challenging.

There are days when people and their inconsiderate ways cause me enormous frustration. I worry that one day someone will push past me or be disrespectful and I will just unload right there in front of them. It would be a hell of a scene but I’m sure I would feel better (for a few minutes at least).

One of my girlfriends said she experienced similar feelings when living in the city - her final straw was telling a total stranger off – and for her it was a sign a simpler life was calling. So she did, she moved back to the country to a more peaceful existence. And hopefully fewer morons!

Anyway, that’s my little ahhh! moment. Please reassure me I'm not alone?

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  1. You are definitely, definitely not alone on this. I'll be glad to never have to catch another train in my lifetime.


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