Sunday, July 4, 2010

Time for a winter clean

I peered into my wardrobe this morning and thought yikes, when did things get so out of control? What on earth I have stowed away in here? It was time to take stock, work out what I really needed and move the rest out.

I have a finite number of clothes hangers and they were running low. There were scarves upon scarves, they were piled on top of handbags, shoes were everywhere and there was no room at all to add anything. Not good! Definitely time for a spring or in this case winter clean.

Since I’m now on a budget, I really need to maximise the items in my wardrobe. I generally opt for classic items with a few seasonal trends thrown in each year. So I like to think my wardrobe is pretty versatile. But there was way too much in there.
A few of my rules (admittedly not always followed but a general guide)

  • Whenever I purchase something new I try to remember a tip I heard on Oprah once –  before adding a new item to your wardrobe throw out an old one. That almost never happens. For that I blame my parents (and I’m sure they in turn blame their parents). It’s genetic. Yep – they all like to keep things for a rainy day.
  • Another rule of mine that again I attempt to follow is if I haven’t worn something in 12 months then it’s out. I’m generally pretty good at following this but the odd item sneaks through. Usually because I just can’t bear to part with it.
The one very important exception to this rule is my wedding dress. It’s been dry cleaned and stored in a box with my veil, my shoes, my handkerchief and my matching bag. The dress was designed by my dress maker and I and made to fit me and me alone. Another personal touch is the train is embroidered with the initials of my hubby and I. I simply cannot bear to part with it. Plus to me it’s priceless. So it stays!

So winter clean is done and I discovered the following items:

  • A lot of spare buttons (the extra ones you get with a new piece of clothing). I have only ever had to call on that stash one. But I think they look pretty cool in my pretty jar.
  • A stash of nail polish colours. No need to purchase any more nail polish colours.
  • My gorgeous Fendi scarf; a gift from my sister. I knew it was in there, just under an enormous pile of scarves. Hmm, I’ll have to plan an outfit around it for this week.
  • A whole heap of long sleeved tops, ideal for wearing under cardigans and dresses and other outfits. I had been thinking I needed to invest in a couple to get me through winter and into spring. Great news for the budget. I don’t need to go and buy any. Yay!
  • I have a section at the top of the wardrobe where I keep some of my sentimental items, like old birthday cards, letters and other little bits and pieces. It’s such a nice surprise to take a few minutes and read through some of these. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Plus how often do we receive hand written letters these days! So very rare.
  • A pair of gorgeous green heels I bought in London years ago and totally forgot they were there. Score!
  • A whole pile of plastic, cardboard and material bags from a multitude of stores. Why do I hang onto these?
I’ve managed to fill the bin, put aside a few items to sell and rediscovered some classic pieces. And that’s about it from the spring clean of my wardrobe. I feel so much better opening up my wardrobe doors and knowing its super organised. Plus hubby has finished the en suite so our bedroom feels extra luxurious now. I’m off to enjoy.


  1. I keep all of those old shopping bags too; it drives The Boofhead insane. I have no idea why I feel compelled to keep them either.

  2. you have inspired me to put all my buttons from random tops, cardi and skirts into a beautiful jar rather than shoving them somewhere in the back of my cupboard!
    thanks lovely lady!


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