Sunday, June 27, 2010

More cupcakes

I ventured off to another cupcake destination on Friday with a gorgeous group of girls I'm so lucky to work with.

After one of those weeks, we all needed a bit of chocolate and a chat. I look forward to our fortnightly lunches. It's a great chance to catch up, swap gossip, have a bit of a vent and share some delicious and healthy food. We usually opt for a cafe which serves the yummiest and healthiest lunches, but this week decided for a special sugary treat. So it was off to BabyCakes!

And it was so yummy! One of the best things about BabyCakes! is that the cupcakes are truly baby and so you don't feel quite as guilty eating three or even four of the tiny snacks. And the flavours - so many to choose from.

I went with peanut, mud, choc mint and marble. Yes I had four!

Anyway if you've ever in Sydney city, make a detour to BabyCakes! in Erskine Street. Totally worth it!


  1. oh lovely katie
    it's our pleasure to work with you!
    we are the lucky ones!!
    so great to have people you know you can laugh and cry with!!
    thanks so much for the adventures to the cupcake place and our regular salad haunt!
    so lovely!!
    i too look forward to them!

  2. Thanks Lou. You are too lovely and kind! I hear a new cupcake store has opened in George Street. We'll have to check it out.


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