Monday, June 7, 2010

Don't forget to say I love you

I've had one of those weird days when you wonder what is up with the world. Is it me? Have I lost touch? Or is the world just not living up to my expectations today?

My day began with a walk to work past police tape, police cars, police officers and tv cameras. A 59-year-old man went to work as a security guard today and he won't make it home tonight or ever. Shot during an armed robbery outside my office building. I don't know him or his family but u can't help but wonder about his family and friends and feel immense sympathy for them. I cannot begin to imagine how this man's family, friends and colleagues feel this evening.

I always make a point of saying I love you to my loved ones before I say goodbye or good night. And it's because I fear a day like today could happen to someone I love. Life is short and it's important we tell our loved ones how much they mean to us at each and every opportunity.

I will be sure to tell my loved ones today how much I love them!

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