Monday, July 26, 2010

Bathroom renovations - we made it!

I'm currently in love with my new bathroom and en suite! Renovations are now pretty much complete and I'm enjoying our new, clean, fresh, bright, modern bathroom and en suite.

Let me explain. Hubby and I moved into our first home just over four years ago. We had saved up for a deposit, found a house within our budget and importantly a house we really liked. We recognised it had some features we would definitely need to change and to update. First job was painting. The previous owners in an attempt to update it prior to sale decided to paint it. A job that most home owners would appreciate. To be honest, we wished they had thought twice and possibly a third time before picking up their paint brushes. The hallway was a shocking shade of royal blue, one wall was orange, another green and a whole other rainbow was scattered throughout the house. First job - find a neutral colour and paint quick smart.

The second job was the bathroom. We put it off for as long as we could while we redid the tile roof, got married and enjoyed an overseas honeymoon. We also bought a new car and a few other important things.

The bathroom was on par with the paint job - it was crying out for a makeover and we were both well and truly over the way it looked and functioned.

So by the end of last year we were ready to turn our rather large bathroom into a slightly smaller bathroom and an en suite. We played around with different plans and designs and ideas and finally came up with a design that maximised the space and would work (my hubby is very clever and deserves much of the credit for our gorgeous amenities). Hubby set about finding a plumber. A total of 19 calls and three quotes later we had a plumber (we accepted the first two quotes from local plumbers) but they decided not to turn up. By this stage it was early March and we had a serious deadline. My mother, sister and brother-in-law were due to arrive for Easter and we desperately needed a semi functional bathroom.

So hubby set to work. On coming home after the plumbers first visit, I discovered that when I agreed to the toilet being moved to make work easier I had agreed to a non flushing toilet. So it was out with the bucket of water after each bathroom visit. I also forgot that it was no longer cemented into the floor so after almost falling off and wearing the entire contents of the toilet bowl I learnt very quickly to remain still while on the toilet.

I was rationed down to one bath a day, one professional wash and blow dry a week and a trek to relatives and friends for a weekend wash and blow dry. It took a month, but we got there, delivering a semi-functional bathroom by the time my family arrived. Not long after our cute little en suite was also finished.

Hubby and I are now enjoying our beautiful bathrooms and have just upped the guest accommodation by another star. Thank you to my very talented husband for the gorgeous bathrooms he created. A few before and after pics below for your perusal!


  1. It's beautiful! Can't wait to see it in the flesh.

    Glad you sorted the images out; I'll send you those links anyway :-)

  2. WOW I have to say that is gorgeous .... would he like to come do mine now..I'm in desperate need of a bathroom make over

  3. I really like these posts. I have subscribed via email.
    Great Post ! Rock On !

  4. Thanks for the comments. It was a big job but well worth the result.

    Thanks Tenille - look forward to showing it to you soon and Rachel - unfortunately I think our bathroom was a once off. My hubby hasn't expressed a burning desire to pursue a career as a tiler :-)


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