Sunday, August 8, 2010

Renovations are go...again!

Renovations are underway again in our home. I have been enjoying our beautiful bathrooms for the past few months. Hubby and I managed to clean away the dust, paint and rearrange the furniture. It’s a nice place to be at. No dust, no banging, no disruption. But it was never going to last for long.

Yesterday hubby set to work on pulling up the tiles in our kitchen. Yep, next project is the kitchen. Work starts in a few weeks and ideally the floor tiles need to be selected, ordered, laid and grouted all in preparation for our new kitchen. Fortunately for our sanity, professionals will be coming in transform our kitchen from a tired and dated kitchen that really has seen better days to a sparkly, shiny and yes new (I love new) kitchen exuding some serious sophistication (well that’s the plan) all in the space of four days. How awesome is that!

So the tile hunt is on. This is the second weekend we have been tile hunting. We found two tiles last weekend and brought them home for a second look. One was quickly eliminated. We ventured off again yesterday.

Sometimes I have an ability to select a colour or a style and know it will work. Other times I am so indecisive it’s painful. I thought I knew what I was looking for and then I met a saleswoman who completely took charge (which can drive me insane) but yesterday she made it work. A friend had recommended this particular person to us saying she had a real talent with colour and style.

We walked in with our samples and handed them over. She suggested a couple of tiles to ease us in and then bam! hit us with her recommendation. And it worked, boy did it work. I loved the look so much that I didn’t ask the price until we were at sample ordering stage (very economically irresponsible of both hubby and I). The sample is due to arrive sometime this week and then it will be decision time. Which tile will it be?

Here’s a photo of our current kitchen with the floor tiles missing (I didn’t get to photograph it before hubby started ripping tiles up). Stay tuned for the tile decision and the transformation!

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