Sunday, August 15, 2010

The renovations continue...

A week or so ago I wrote about the plans for our new kitchen and the choice we had to make on floor tiles. Well with just one week to go until the tradesmen come in and perform their magic my hubby and I (read hubby) have been busy little beavers.

The splashback has been removed and clearly a home handyman who was not so handy decided to tackle that job when the current kitchen was installed. We were left with one last window frame of ridiculously bright yellow and that has now been painted over. My style is to start with a neutral base and then add brighter colours to accessorise. We’ve based our renovations around that idea and I think it makes our home feel more spacious and more homely. I’ve never really understood using the rainbow of colours in an open plan house or for that matter any type of house.

Anyway, so back to the kitchen. Hubby has set up a temporary pantry in our office, which he is calling our own Masterchef pantry. Check out the photo – it’s pretty clever. This will sustain us for the week and then I’m off for the weekend while my hubby does the last few required jobs before the professionals turn up Monday morning.

Four days of takeaway and paper plates later we will have a new and transformed kitchen. And I haven’t mentioned the best bits – a sparkling new oven, big pot drawers and wait for it, a dishwasher!

Stay tuned.

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