Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kitchen renovations are officially done!

Ok, we’re done! Kitchen renovation is complete and now we’re enjoying our new kitchen.

It’s been a hectic and expensive nine months. Our bathroom renovations started in January when we attempted to get a plumber, 19 enquiries to plumbers later and we had one. We met the deadline of Easter for a functioning bathroom when my family came to stay thanks to a stylish brown tarp as a shower screen.

We then worked on finishing the bathroom and en suite and ensuring they were as stylish as could be. Then as we were beginning to plan our kitchen renovation, our oven which we suspected was nearing the end, gave up the ghost and we were suddenly in the thick of organising a new kitchen.

We opted for a semi DIY. I've written about our renovations a few times, including our bathroom, a before shot of our kitchen and progress along the way. Hubby removed all the tiles and the cupboard doors and completed the painting, and the professionals came in and delivered new doors, benchtops, splashback and appliances. Hubby then finished off the floor tiles and the blind. I threw in a few design ideas and we now have a stunning, sparkling kitchen. Finally it’s time to enjoy!

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