Monday, September 6, 2010

Rekindling the relationship

I'm back! It's been a hectic few weeks but I have finally rekindled my relationship with my blog. I missed my blog and the wonderful people who read it.

When I booked my weekend in Brisbane with my sister and mum, when I committed to helping out a friends election campaign and when I said I'd love to attend a friend and former boss’ tribute dinner I had no idea that they would all occur one week after another. But hey that's life and I’m so glad I could actually do all three. So my weekends were pretty full combined with the air and road travel to get to the events. My weekdays have been filled with work and my weeknights have been a mixture of kitchen renovations and holiday planning.

Yes our kitchen has been made over. Photos to come. We also booked a holiday and third wedding anniversary celebrations to the US. So all in all I have been a busy little bee.

So today I have had a day at home. It has been 21 days without a day or even half a day at home so it's nice to finally have had a free day to myself.

I’ve only had a few tasks today: my blog, a haircut for Max and the grocery shopping. Max is looking a lot like a little apricot sheep at the moment. When I dropped him off for his haircut I should have asked about whether there is a niche market for apricot fur with a woolly feel, we certainly have enough of it at the moment.

Each of my weekends away has been fantastic for a multitude of reasons! Catching up with old friends and spending precious time with family.
I have missed blogging and the moments taken to read others blogs. But I have returned and I won't go missing for this long again I promise purple notepad!

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