Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This week I'm thankful hubby

This week I'm thankful for my hubby. To clarify I am grateful and thankful for him constantly, but over the past little while he has given me many extra things to be thankful for and all without complaining.

My hubby has planned, demolished and rebuilt a bathroom and en suite, tiled, painted and all the jobs in between. He has then moved onto the task of renovating our kitchen. We hired professionals to do the more technical and involved tasks like the bench-tops, plumbing and electrical work, but he pulled the old tiles up, removed all the old doors, cleaned out the cupboards, painted the window and retiled the kitchen floor. During this time he has worked full-time, kept our garden and vegie patch looking beautiful, helped with chores and shared the cooking and washing.

On top of all this he has not blinked an eye when I had a weekend away to help a friend with the election or spent a long weekend with my family interstate. And each and every day he is my best friend, my entertainment, the one who listens to me rabbit on about my day and who celebrates my achievements with me and commiserates on the frustrating moments.

So each and every day I am thankful for my hubby, but this week I am particularly thankful for all his effort, love and commitment to our home, our family and our relationship.

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