Sunday, September 12, 2010

Time to unveil our new kitchen

We’re done. We now have a sparkling, beautiful and oh so clean new kitchen and it’s time to take a break from renovating, enjoy our handiwork and put some more dollars away for a rainy day.

The task of renovating the kitchen was easier than the mammoth bathroom and en suite and caused considerably less disruption to our lives, but no means was it an easy or stress free task. But we’ve made it through our renovations and can now enjoy the improvements to our home.

After four and a half years in our home, it’s nice to look around and list off the work we have done and the mark we have made on this house. The house was not unattractive when we bought it. As soon as we walked into it we really liked the house and could see the potential.

We started off with small improvements like painting and redesigning the garden and then moved onto the big ticket improvements like the bathroom and kitchen. Our vision was to create a stylish and modern home that flowed from room to room while always adding value.

We also wanted to create a house that would appeal to as many people as possible. While we really enjoy this home, it is not where we see ourselves for the next 10 years. So with the intention of selling in the next year or so, we wanted a house that would feel like a home to prospective buyers. And I truly think we have achieved that.

I actually think I’m in love with our new kitchen. I’m not sure if it’s ok to be in love with a room, but if it’s possible I am. It is shiny and bright with a gorgeous new oven and cooktop and with a new dishwasher to boot. The kitchen didn’t have a dishwasher when we moved in, although there was a rather large gap where one could/should have been. At times it was as if the kitchen was taunting me – that very large space under the bench is just perfect for a dishwasher, come on why don’t you just get one to fill the space. Well that space has finally been filled and I am loving it.

The gorgeous vase of roses on the bench was a gift from my hubby. We spent Friday night and Saturday morning cleaning the house together. I had a girlfriend coming to visit for morning tea and after a few weeks of non-existent cleaning and crap everywhere it was time for a big clean up. Who doesn’t love a deadline? So with the house clean, muffins in the oven and minutes to spare, my hubby headed out for a game of golf. He came home a few hours later with a beautiful bunch of roses in his hand. His reason: just because I can. When really it was me who was so appreciative of his work to get us over the line moments before the doorbell chimed for morning tea.

We have a small list of things left to finish in our home including adding some vibrant plant life to the garden and replacing the much loved grey carpet. And we are waiting on a new venetian blind for the kitchen window. For now however, we will take a few moments to smell the roses and enjoy the improvements we have made to our home and to our lifestyle. Take a look and see what you think.


  1. It is beautiful, I can honestly attest to that. And it produces a lovely morning tea (with your help of course) :-)

  2. Thank you! You are welcome to visit anytime.

  3. Congrats for finishing the renovation. Have many pleasant morning at your new kitchen drinking tea :)


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