Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This week I'm thankful...that even celebrities make mistakes

It's been one of the most talked about issues in Australia today...yep what has now been dubbed Australia's Next Top Muddle.

For those who are puzzled as to exactly what I'm talking about - here is the clip. Last night's live announcement of Australia's Next Top Model winner on Foxtel went horribly pearshaped when the wrong girl was named winner. There's a whole lot of debate about whether the gorgeous Sarah Murdoch was told the incorrect name or misheard it and whether it was all a stunt.

It all appears to be quite genuine and it's not something I could imagine Sarah Murdoch being part of. She's far too classy for that. However, it just shows that absolutely everyone makes mistakes, whether it was Sarah Murdoch or the producer feeding the result through.

Making mistakes is not fun - we've all done it and we've all felt our stomachs drop or our heart start beating as the reality of our mistake sinks in. Oh to be able to turn back the clock a few moments and do it right. But we're human and the reality is humans make mistakes.

And for mere mortals like me, it's reassuring to know that everyone, no matter who they are can make mistakes and experience the odd oh no! moment too. Thanks Sarah for making us all feel a little better about that. But in closing, can I just add, well done on handling it so well!

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