Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This week I'm thankful for...unconditional love

There aren't many people in our lives, aside from our parents, who offer unconditional love. It's a rare gift.

However those who have a pet will know unconditional love is par for the course. Pets bring so much joy to our lives and they ask very little of us in return. Food, shelter, a warm bed, regular exercise, some play time and cuddles.

Max is our little maltalier - our gorgeous little puppy dog - who makes up our little family. I have written about him before and will continue to do so. I am willing to be accused of bias, but Max is an absolute pleasure. He's a happy little dog with so much personality and love to share. On arriving home from work each day Max is there to greet us with excitement, cuddles and lots of licking. We can't ever claim to feel unloved with Max around.

He is smart, kind and gentle. There have been occasions when I have been upset and he has come to me and put his little paws on my knees and snuggled in with a cuddle, as if to say, 'it's ok, don't forget I love you'.

It's the simple pleasures that keep Max happy - a walk around the neighbourhood has him wearing a grin from ear to ear, a bone to munch on, a game of fetch in the backyard followed by a snuggle on my lap while enjoying the warmer weather. He doesn't ask much of us but gives us the priceless gift of unconditional love in return.

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